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Campbell Orthodontics

Mike's Obituary

On behalf of Dr. Mike Campbell's Estate and his Practice Coverage Group, I am pleased to announce the transfer of the Campbell practice to Dr. Shane Langley with South Alabama Orthodontics. 

In the months since Dr. Campbell's passing, his family has sought to select a qualified orthodontist to assume permanent leadership of the practice while the Practice Coverage Group accepted responsibility of maintaining the continuity and quality of treatment for his patients. Many factors were considered in making this decision. The most important considerations were education, experience, personality, and compatibility with the practice as a whole and the community at large. 

Our selection process took some time and research. Ultimately, our selection was made carefully and we feel confident that you will be pleased with Dr. Langley and his partners. On behalf of Dr. Campbell's family and staff, I would like to thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult period. 

Mrs. Charlene Campbell

6350 Airport Boulevard 
Mobile, Alabama  36608


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